Katzenpension Silvia Federer
Basler Straße 19
79379 Müllheim-Hügelheim

Tel.: 0049 7631 799 322

Group Room with Outside Area

Freigehege Gruppenraum Gruppenraum
Group Room 14,00 Euro* per cat per day

Single Accommodation

Einzelzimmer Einzelzimmer Einzelzimmer
For single accommodation we offer the following variations:
Single Room 18,00 Euro*
Single/Double Room 29,00 Euro* up to 2 cats
Single/Double Room with Outside Area 35,00 Euro* up to 2 cats
Family Room 36,00 Euro* up to 3 cats
Family Room with Outside Area 42,00 Euro* up to 3 cats
For each additional cat we calculate 6,00 Euro* extra
For our special guests we offer the following:
Hairless Cats Single 20,00 Euro* Free therapeutic bath per week on request
Hairless Cats Double 31,00 Euro* Free therapeutic bath per week on request

Additional services we calculate at cost.
After 15 days of stay you get a discount of 5%, after 30 days 10% on the daily price.
We accept cash, debit and credit card. Payment is due at collection time.

*) All prices are full pension and include VAT.

Prices effective from March 1st 2021.

For cancellation conditions please refer to our GTC.