Katzenpension Silvia Federer
Basler Straße 19
79379 Müllheim-Hügelheim

Tel.: 0049 7631 799 322

Welcome to Our Cat Hotel

Our cat hotel lies in sunny Markgräflerland and we are open throughout the year. Have a look through our website and convince yourself of our services. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time via telephone or by email.

Your Cat's Well-Being Is Important

The cat hotel Silvia Federer is in an old farmhouse, which has been lovingly restored. It lies in the country side but also on the B3.

We have one large group room with attached outside area. In addition to that we offer single and double rooms and rooms for more cats with and without balcony in various sizes. In all our rooms we have scratching posts, climbing constructions, many toys and hidey holes, so that all our guests have the possibility to find a haven for themselves. All of our rooms have central heating and some even have underfloor heating.

Our facility has been approved by the veterinary office of Freiburg and is inspected regularly.

Our Services

  • Single or group accommodation
  • Daily prices include full pension

Additional Services

  • Continuing existing treatments, e.g.
    • Medical treatments
    • Diet
    • Wound treatments and dressing changes
  • Flea treatments
  • Grooming for long haired cats
  • Pick up and delivery service
  • Veterinary assistance in case of illness
  • Other services available on request

Other services will be calculated according to expenditure. Just talk to us about it.


We feed tinned food of regular brands twice a day. In addition to that we place particular importance on high quality dried food, e.g. Royal Canin. On request, we also feed your brought-in food but unfortunately we can not allow any discounts based thereon.


To minimize the risk of disease, we expect all our guests to be vaccinated for cat flu and feline distemper and by outdoor cats also for rabies. Additionally, we recommend a vaccination for leukosis.

When in doubt, please consult your vet about your cat's actual vaccination status.


Sexually mature cats need to have been castrated.

Flea Protection and Deworming

A regular deworming is a condition of being accepted in our cat hotel. Furthermore, we require a current flea protection, which we can also provide at our cat hotel.